Phone: (518) 434-3860
NEW ADDRESS: 199 Wolf Rd, Albany, NY 12205
  • : NEW ADDRESS: 199 Wolf Rd, Albany, NY 12205
  • Phone: (518) 434-3860

Since the rise in metals prices a lot of companies have  claimed to pay the best prices for your gold and silver metals.

As one of the oldest coins shops in the country since 1930 we have seen many come and go.  Our company has always and will always pay consistently higher prices

What We Buy:

We buy gold and platinum jewelry, old or new, broken or complete.  We will also evaluate your Diamonds The larger your diamond and higher quality the more we can pay you.

We buy silver jewelry from the public, but remember gold is worth between 60 to 70 times more valuable than silver so keep this in mind when you go to sell your silver.

If you are unsure of the metal content of your jewelry, bring it in and we will happily test it for you for no charge.

We buy silver flatware and hollowware as well.

Who we buy from:

If you ave over 21 with valid New York State Drivers license or ID Card or passport.  Our minimum purchase amount is $25.

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